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13 Apr 2019

Valero and Hovdenak win the 2019 edition after an intense final

Fischer and Ferreira win the last stage but couldn’t make up enough time to win the race

The final stage, the FINISHER STAGE, was the final showdown of the 2019 Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén. This year’s edition stands out for the enormous struggle for top positions in both the men's and women's categories. With 57.8 kilometers and 1,396 meters of climbing with which to determine the podium, it was a fast stage where the mountain bike racers were able to enjoy the beautiful double and single-track routes that this stage featured. El Reventón, Las Jaras, Los Villares leave an unforgettable memory to punctuate the end of the ninth edition of the 2019 Andalucía Bike Race presneted by Caja Rural Jaén.


Stage Results 

Elite Men

1.Tiago Ferreira 01:34:20

2. Hans Becking 01:34:21

3. David Valero: 01:34:22


Elite Women

1.Natalia Fischer 01:54:33

2. Hildegunn Hovdenak 01:57:48

3.Lisette Rosenberg 02:03:10


Master 30

1. Gonzalo Chacón Barquero 01:42:22

2. Javier Molina Lozano 01:43:26

3. Francisco Antonio Morón Aguilar 01:43:26


Master 40

1. Antonio Arenas Merchán 01:44:04

2. Rafael Ordóñez García 01:47:48

3. Francisco Jiménez Sánchez 01:48:13


Master 50

1. Miguel López Solano

2. Manuel Lapuente Cintora

3. Martín Steirert 01:57:54


Master Women

1. Olivia Carretero Rodríguez 02:24:20

2. Violeta Sigrid Sánchez Canals 02:26:19

3. Lilian Soriano Cepeda '02:26:19



Overall Results

Elite Men

1. David Valero 14:06:08

2. Tiago Ferreira 14:13:12

3. Víctor Manuel Fernández 14:21:46

4. José María Sánchez 14:22:16

5. Hans Becking 14:24:52

David Valero: "The truth is, I'm very happy to be able to win a race on home turf, in Andalusia. Now I have to keep working on what comes next. I've had a great time; the level of competition was very high with a lively battle with Tiago Ferreira. Every day we had to give everything we had. Now it’s time to enjoy the outcome and take in what’s happening here."

Elite Women

1. Hildegunn Hovdenak 17:32:02

2. Natalia Fischer 17:34:06

3. Lisette Rosenberg 18:27:01

4. Emmy Thelberg 18:36:14

5. Sandra Backman 19:29:11

Hildegunn Hovdenak: “This year we’ve had better weather and I’ve been able to enjoy the victory. Today was super hard and I was able to win the general classification; I’m really happy with this. I think that the first day went OK and the second was good but I made a big mistake on the road and I lost a lot of time because of this. I used a lot of power on the third day; that was super hard for me. The last two days went well — the route was really good but I have a bit of a cold so now it’s time to rest."

Master 30 

1. Francisco Antonio Morón Aguilar 15:35:39

2. Javier Molina Lozano 15:42:27

3. Luis Alberto Martínez Cabrera 15:50:29

4. Iván Vargas Martínez 16:04:19

5. Gonzalo Chacón Barquero 16:15:40

Master 40

1. Antonio Arenas Merchán 16:01:21

2. Alejo Moya Giral 16:05:25

3. David Franco Múrcia 16:11:10

4. Francisco Jiménez Sánchez 16:13:46

5. Óscar Puyuelo Bagueste 16:18:54

Master 50

1. Miguel López Solano 16:16:38

2. Manuel Lapuente Cintora 17:07:31

3. Martín Steiert 17:36:54

4. Juan García Serrano 18:01:29

5. José Apolonio García Elvira 18:08:04

Master Women

1. Olivia Carretero Rodríguez 21:01:46

2. Cristina Barberán Morales 21:20:29

3. Violeta Sigrid Sánchez Canals 22:06:31

4. Silvia Blanco Dosil 22:22:11

5. Sonia Pato González 22:22:37


Results ABR Experience Diario Córdoba


1. Sergio Torres Romero 01:45:14

2. Manuel Jesús López Molero 01:47:31

3. Alejandro Simón Montero 01:48:38



1. María Ángeles Chofles Burgos 02:15:03

2. Ana Sánchez Rivera 02:26:45

3. Natalia Montalvo Sánchez 02:30:11



***Stage 6 ended at the GP2 control point, as decided by the UCI judges after an incident on the course. The official times will serve for the General Classification.





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