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31 Oct 2019

Priego de Córdoba will host the start in the ‘Andalucía’s Day’

It will be a transition stage to arrive to Córdoba where will be the last two stages.

As it happened in the beginning of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén, Priego de Córdoba will host the fourth stage of this edition.

Once Jaén was announced as the location to start the tenth edition of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén, is the time to reveal the city that will start the competition in Cordoba province.

As it has happened in all of the editions, Jaén and Cordoba provinces will again be the main attractions of the stages even though the change of locations, in some editions,  of the starts and the finish of the stage.

In such a special year, and as the organization announced, “the goal of the tenth edition is to ride back along the most mythical tracks that had a special part in some of the first editions”, explains Aitor Jiménez, Events Director of Octagon Esedos. We’ll come back to Priego de Córdoba to ride the amazing landscapes of the “subbética” region, in the southwest of Córdoba and in the geographical centre of Andalucía.

That’s why the fourth stage, which will be the 28th of February and that will set to the ‘Andalucía’s Day’ local celebration, will be in Priego de Córdoba. This town debuted in 2011, also in the fourth stage to get the event to Jaén; in 2012 and 2013, this city was also protagonist when it passed through the whole subbética region belonging to Priego.

Once announced how the main aspects of the itinerary along the Jaén region would be, it’s time to reveal the Cordoba’s issue. Shortly, the official route of Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén 2020 will be announced.

A route with unique spots

We will ride mythical tracks and some other new trails like the Reventón hill where a lot of supporters will gather to cheer for the Mountain Bikers, la Vereda de La Canchuela will spread out the bunch and among others El Guapo hill. Also, we will ride El Bosque de Fangorn with ups and downs in the forest becoming one of the spots with the most fans.

One of most spectaculars spots will be the Castañar de Valdejetas o la Bajada a los Baños de Popea, a natural and beautiful área close to a creek. For the most skilled riders, the culebreo de Santo Domingo will make the difference.

Also, Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén has ridden trails that have astonished the contestants like the Senderos de Trasierra, la Loma de los Escalones, los Descensos de Monte Cobre, la zona de Los Morales, la Vía Verde de Almorchón, where you ride the old rail tracks, the Arrastraculos or the Bejarano creek, one of the most idyllic spots around.

Not only has the mountains zone been ridden during the nine editions, but we also got ourselves in Patrimony of the Humanity zones such as Califal City of Medina Azahara or the historic centre of Córdoba, passing the Roman Bridge or the Central Mosque.

Beautiful stages that will be a turning point to decide the competition.

Check the venues and how the race will be organised, here.





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