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30 Dec 2019

Clàudia Galicia (Megamo) returns to Andalucía Bike Race presented by Caja Rural Jaén

The Catalan cyclist returns after a four-year absence

The incompatibility with its ski season had caused that during the last four editions we had not been able to enjoy Clàudia Galicia in this event. This year, however, the season of the Catalan cyclist has changed and, therefore, we will see again in the Andalusian competition.

We must remember that Clàudia Galicia, together with Sandra Santanyes, managed to win this race in 2014 and up to now they are the only Spanish bikers capable of achieve it.

"Without a doubt, to return to this event, four years later is really exciting. This was my first UCI stage race and I have great memories. My calendar has changed and this will be the only stage race of this category that I will dispute, but I face it with great illusion and motivation by the great memory that I keep".

And it's not for nothing, to the 2014 victory has to be added to the second place he won in 2015 alongside Slovenia's Tanja Žakelj.

The simple presence of a cyclist like Clàudia Galicia, National Cross Country (XCO) and Marathon (XCM) 2019 Champion, already assures spectacle, competitiveness and level.





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