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01 Apr 2021

Get to know your body and learn strategies to improve your performance in a cycling competition.

Informative webinar on cycling by NamedSport and ErgoNutri with limited places.

Named Sport is an official sponsor of Octagon Esedos cycling events, and in collaboration with a sports physiology company dedicated to nutrition and individualised training programmes, ErgoNutri, they will hold a scientific-divulgative session for all cycling lovers and practitioners on the 10th and 13th of April with the same objective: get to know your body better in order to improve your sporting performance.

They will give advice and recommendations on how to feed, hydrate and understand how the body works when we take hydration, nutrition and recovery supplements, always focused on performance and health in cycling.

This talk will be led by Roger Pérez, a physiologist from Duke University with more than 11 years of experience in the sector doing scientific dissemination.

The programme of this telematic session with double session (Saturday 10th April at 16:00 and Tuesday 13th April at 19:30), will focus on giving an overview of physiology and sports nutrition so that all attendees understand and know how the human body works and what training and supplementation strategies should be applied when cycling, whether for a competition or training.

A webinar lasting an hour and a half that brings added value to all cyclists and mountain bikers where they will learn to know their body, learn how to feed, hydrate and recover improving their performance, always based on the physiology of our body.

An informative-scientific talk valued at €150 per person, but which will be free for all attendees, previous registration.

The programme will be as follows:

- Immune system and sport. Cycling will be discussed from a preventive approach to maintain long-term performance.

- Biological mechanisms of hydration. We will learn how our kidneys work and when and how we should ingest hydration drinks.

- Boosting your performance based on muscle recovery. We will understand the importance of recovering from each workout.


To register for the sessions, please follow this link:



To access the session, click on this link: https://webinarsnamedsport.com/


In addition, there will be an e-mail address for direct contact with Roger Pérez, in charge of the session, who will answer your individual queries once the day is over.

Among all those who attend the talk, we will raffle a double registration for Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin, courtesy of Named Sport.

For more information about ErgoNutri, www.ergonutri.com






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