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21 Apr 2021

ALBAN LAKATA: “We are aiming for a TOP10”

Albanator needs no presentation. The two-time winner of Andalucia Bike Race by GARMIN will be one of the most experienced cyclist in the starting line in Jaén. He recognizes Team Bulls doesn’t have an A-Team yet. The race will decide it.

You are a two-time winner of this race, what does it mean to be competing again in the Andalucia Bike Race by GARMIN? I’ve got great memories from this race. Obviously because of these two victories I had in the past, but I also remember the event as well organized and the race track for its challenging route.

We’ve seen you compete in the highest level this season, when and in what shape do you arrive to our competition? Honestly, I think I’m not in the same shape like I was when I won it with Hynek in 2015, but my form is building up nicely towards the event.

What are your goals for this edition? Is getting a triple win amongst one of those goals? I think my third win at this year’s edition of ABR will be out of reach. We are aiming for a TOP10 result and if we can make it into the TOP5 we would be more than happy. 

Let’s talk about your partner, the Swiss Hansueli Stauffer. What type of cyclist is he? What are his strong points? And more importantly, how is he going to be able to help you with your goals? Hansueli is from Switzerland and he favors races with long climbs. He is a well experienced rider with similar abilities as me. I’m pretty sure that we’ll match quite good together. 

And when talking about the BULLS TEAM? What goals does the team have within the Andalucia Bike Race by GARMIN? This year Team Bulls will take part at ABR with 3 couple teams. All riders are more or less on the same level, so we start into the race with no A-team, but we will decide after the first stage for which team we are riding for. 

Andalucia Bike Race by GARMIN is going back to races by pairs. For an expert cyclist like you, what’s the key to competing with a partner? To race in pairs is very challenging. First thing you need is to have a good relationship with your partner and it’s important that the slower set the pace and the stronger one support him as much he can. 

As an expert cyclist in these types of races, what advice would you give to all the cyclists that will be joining us the next may 17th, nutritionally speaking? And advice about the race? Or the mechanics? My advices for stage races are simple: drink 500ml and eat 70-90gram of carbs per hour in the race. Also have a recovery drink straight after finish line. Take a look at every single day in advance and make a plan how you’ll pace yourself through the day. Use solid equipment like tires with protection. And finally, not any kind of experiments at all in a multiple day race!







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