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A space reserved for official teams or clubs that wish to offer assistance to their runners. Depending on their needs, teams or clubs can contract a Paddock Pro space, with preferred location and available electrical connection, or a Paddock space without electricity.

The Paddock is located in the neuralgic centers, in the same area where there are also the career office, the washing area and bicycle parking, massage room and press room.


1. Correct and responsible use will be made of the facilities and material provided by the organization, otherwise the equipment or company will be responsible for the damages caused.

2. The organization is exempt from any liability for losses or damages suffered by the assets of the company or any other that has subcontracted for the execution of the agreed activity, which must, to that end, take precautionary and insurance measures which he deems appropriate.

3. No associated trademark may be included or promoted without the prior authorization of the organization.

4. It is totally prohibited to market and offer services to participants who are not part of the same team. The teams can only serve the registered members of the team.

5. All vehicles parked in the Paddock must be authorized by the organization and display the relevant badge in a visible place.

6. In accordance with the regulations of the private facilities where the Paddocks are located, access and parking of motor homes and / or similar vehicles is restricted. There is space in the surroundings of these facilities for the permanence of these vehicles and complying with the legal regulations of the city. Likewise, it is forbidden to spend the night and / or camping in the Paddock.

Additional information and recruitment: mireia.sola@octagon.com






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