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23 Mar 2021


The legendary El Reventón

The Super Stage will be the longest stage of this edition with 92 kilometres that stands out for the climb to the mythical El Reventón. The stage will begin with the start of the canal through the area of La Canchuela, on the way to Valdejetas, a tough but very beautiful area to reach Trasierra where we will find the first feed station. In Trasierra we will go towards Torrehoria to look for the descent of Monte Cobre, a technical but skillful descent, to go to the first stretch of the green belt of Córdoba. Once there, take a breath and start climbing El Reventón slope halfway through the stage, where we will find the ISB point. After the second feed station, we find the area of Las Jaras, the Golf Course and Cerro Muriano to look for the descent of La Loma de los Escalones (section of the Mozarabic Way of Santiago) to pass through the Arroyo de la Ventilla and Pedroches towards the finish in the Parque de la Asomadilla. 
A long stage, but once El Reventón has been climbed, it becomes bearable and brings together the best of the Cordoba mountains, really showing the essence of the Andalucía Bike Race with bearable, hard climbs and a lot of downhill trails. 






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