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09 Feb 2022

The fastest couple winner of the 'ISB SPORT Mountain Award' will be awarded a prize money.

Another challenge within the competition with a check of 200€ per couple.

ISB Sport Bearings repeats as official sponsor of the competition and will allocate € 1,200 in prize money for the 'ISB Mountain Award'.
As it was in the last edition, in each of the six stages of Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin will award a couple in each category, and this time it will do so with a check of € 200 per day. 

Among all the couples of the category that is awarded in each stage, the fastest couple to pass through the ISB Point will win the economic prize.

For Stage 1 will be awarded to the Mixed category, in Stage 2 to the Master 50 men, in Stage 3 to the Master 40 men, in Stage 4 to the Master 30 men, in the Skoda Super Stage to the UCI Marathon Series Men and in the Oakley Finisher Stage to the UCI Marathon Series Women. 
Thus, ISB Sport keeps on betting on cycling and giving continuity to its support for the Mountain Bike stage races. 
ISB Sport will be present in the four Mountain Bike stage races organized by Octagon Esedos: Andalucía Bike Race by Garmin, La Rioja Bike Race presented by Pirelli, MMR Asturias Bike Race and Oakley Catalunya Bike Race. 






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